FreshWater™ Ozone System

Enjoy clean and clear water while reducing the need for chlorine with the Freshwater Ozone System by Hot Spring® Spas Combining the cleaning power of the FreshWater III high-output ozone generator with MPS non-chlorine oxidizer and silver ions, this unique system protects your hot tub continually against contaminants that can enter your spa.


  • Continuous cleaning. Ozone and silver ions are released into your spa water continuously.
  • Easy maintenance. Each time you use your spa, simply dose the water with MPS. Add chlorine weekly.
  • Reduced levels of chlorine. Enjoy safely sanitized spa water, without the need for a constant chlorine level residual.

High-Output Ozone

Corona discharge cell technology generates a high concentration of ozone that works to neutralize contaminants on contact and enhance water quality.

MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer

This fast-acting formula refreshes and brightens hot tub water. Plus, it’s pH neutral, so it won’t alter water chemistry.

MPScents® Chlorine-Free Oxidizer

Enhance your spa soak experience with aromatherapy and clean water. Choose from four soothing scents to create a relaxing environment — Citrus Blossom, Island Escape, Spring Shower, and Zen Garden.

Silver Ion Purifier

The FreshWater Ag+® continuous silver ion purifier further reduces the need for chlorine by inhibiting bacterial growth. Silver ions are released into the water automatically, so there’s no chance of under- or over-dosing. Simply replace the cartridge every four months.

MPS Test Strips

Use these test strips to monitor your spa’s MPS, pH, and alkalinity levels when using the MPS chlorine-free oxidizer.

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