RecSport® R200 Recreation Systems

Fitness isn’t always physical.

Taking care of your well-being isn’t just about physical fitness. It’s about family time, ME time, relaxation and play time. RecSport® Recreation Systems R200 is ideal for those who want to enjoy the physical and non-physical benefits of water. Whether it’s splashing with the kids, relaxing against the soothing hydromassage jets, or enjoying a low-impact workout, it’s all possible – at home – with the R200.

Seating Capacity5
Dimensions12' L x 50" H x 89" W
Water Capacity1,335 Gallons
Heater4,000 watt
Jet Count27
Jet Types1 large, 2 rotary, 2 directional, 22 mini

The Industry's Best Swim-In-Place Experience

Endless Pools Fitness System

With three different categories and nine model options, you can find the perfect swim spa to match your needs and budget. Between the Endless Pools Fitness System with its iconic Swim Machine, the SwimCross Exercise System and its incredible jetted current, or the RecSport Recreation System that combines fitness and recreation, Lake Air Pool Supply in Waco has the fitness solution for you and your family.

  • To produce a superior swim current, Endless Pool Fitness Systems feature the hydraulically-powered Endless Pools Swim Machine. The result is a completely laminar current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Available in 20’, 17’, and 15’.
  • SwimCross Exercise Systems let you enjoy an authentic swim. Three round Swim Jets (on top) provide resistance, while the River Jet (below) provides lift. The pace is adjustable using two diverter valves. Available in 20’, 15’, and 12’.
  • RecSport Recreation Systems are ideal for exercise and play for the entire family at an affordable price. Available in 15’ and 12’.
  • With a wide range of accessories, the Endless Pools Fitness Systems help you get a full body low-impact workout when it’s most convenient for you.

Put full workout functionality at your fingertips! With the Endless Pools Fit@Home® App you can adjust the speed controls, monitor workout pace, duration and time, and program workouts specific to your goals from a smartphone or tablet. For Fitness System models only.

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