Spa Care Products

Lake Air Pool Supply can provide you with genuine Hot Spring® maintenance and replacement products to help you get the most out of your spa. Choose from an excellent selection of replacement filters and innovations like the Vanishing Act and CleanScreen pre-filters.

Spa Care Products

Innovations in Water Care

Experience incredible innovations in water care like the Vanishing ActTM calcium remover and Clean Screen® Pre-Filter from Lake Air Pool Supply. Extremely useful for water with high levels of calcium hardness or metal content that can often complicate the balancing process when you fill your spa, Vanishing Act and Clean Screen do the hard work for you. These exclusive products also help you cut back on other bottled products typically needed to maintain spa water. In doing so, these products extend the life of your water so you don’t have to drain and refill the spa as often.

Innovative and transformative, the Hot Spring Clean Screen Pre-Filter keeps your water clean and uncomplicated. Perfect for hot tub fills, Clean Screen filters out organic contaminants, metals like copper and iron, and tannins before they are introduced into your spa water. Simply attach Clean Screen to any garden hose and fill your spa with clean, clear water. You’ll use less chemicals balancing and clarifying your water with this easy-to-use filter attachment.

Developed exclusively for Hot Spring® spa owners, you’ll find the replacement filters you need at Lake Air Pool Supply. These products have been approved for use with your spa, making maintenance and filter exchange easy and productive.

Not only does softer water leave your skin feeling silky and soft, it protects your spa components from the damaging effects of hard water. Eliminate possible damage with Vanishing Act™, your powerful calcium remover. Vanishing Act simply and effectively softens water without chemical additives, leaving your spa clean and protected.

For areas with extreme hard water, use Vanishing Act™ XL. With three times the calcium reduction power of the standard Vanishing Act, your water will be softened and ready to use after balancing.

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